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Consulting Group offers a variety of management and appointment scheduling software solutions as well as training and support for our customers.

A live demo of the management and scheduling software as well as TimegateŽ Services is available. Please contact the CG Software, Inc. (713)878-1879 to schedule your demo.







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About IES

Producers of fine scheduling software since 1984

International Expert Systems, Inc., incorporated in the State of Texas, was founded in 1984 as a software development company with a specific and unique mission: to make "revenue-building" software in the very new personal computer industry.  This goal has been met in a most successful way with IES being a part of the business success of numerous salons, day spas and service companies over the years.

The History of IES

The prototype for IES' first product, ComeAgain, was developed to meet the specific needs of beauty salons and day spas. The specialization in the salon industry came when family friends of the president of IES, Lee Wiley, introduced him to Frank Burge, the president of Beautique Salon in Houston, Texas. At that time Beautique had 64 employees and had not been able to find any salon software that met its demands (fast, accurate and easy to use scheduling software).

IES and Wiley took on the challenge and installed version 1 of ComeAgain salon software in mid-1985. Shortly after that, IES introduced its software at the BBSI show in New York. Since that time IES has continued to market and develop its salon software for the sophisticated, larger salons.

For 15 years, ComeAgain set the industry standard for scheduling software, bar coded point of sale, ease of use and elegance of design. (Assuming imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, the number of competitors who have copied ComeAgain's design and features is flattering.)

In 1995 IES' largest client, the JCPenney Company, determined that it would take its systems into the "Windows" environment and that launched a new contract with IES to move the ComeAgain product to the newer, developing technology.

Rather than just re-compile the existing code for ComeAgain (and since ComeAgain would already function well on Windows operating systems) IES decided to redesign the salon software and totally rewrite it to take advantage of far-reaching and projected new technology. So were born ComeAgainRSVP and Timegate - new 32-bit applications with Open Data Base Connectivity (ODBC), and n-tier design to utilize the flexibility of individual modules, business rules and object orientation with multiple data base options and ties to legacy systems.

With two years of development by an experienced programming staff and the design team at IES ComeAgainRSVP salon software and spa software was released in January 1999. In January 2000, IES released Timegate. While ComeAgainRSVP continues its focus on salon software for large salons and spas, Timegate provides the same appointment scheduling and other modules for medical clinics, hospitals and service-oriented businesses in individual and enterprise installations.

Timegate Services is the ASP that runs either the Timegate appointment scheduling software or ComeAgainRSVP  salon software on the Internet. There are two modes for running the program on the Internet. the Graphical Mode for you and your staff, and the Browser or eScheduling Mode for your customers, clients or patients to make appointments.

The development of the product continues today with the addition of new modules and innovation that leads the industry for scheduling and all the software updates are available from the IES web site. 

Consulting Group Purchases ComeAgain® and Timegate®

James C. Palmer of Consulting-Group of Houston, Texas purchased ComeAgain and Timegate on December 24, 2006. Read the Press Release.

IES wants to see the salon and spa industry as all service related industries grow using the revenue-building tools in the IES software products.