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Consulting Group offers a variety of management and appointment scheduling software solutions as well as training and support for our customers.

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 For immediate release.  Houston, Texas - December 24, 2006. 

Lee W. Wiley, President of International Expert Systems, Inc., (IES) Houston, Texas announced today that IES has sold its software products ComeAgain® and Timegate® to James C. Palmer of CG Software, Inc. of Houston, Texas. 

ComeAgain, which was invented and developed in early 1983 as a DOS product, has been enhanced and modified over the years to work on OS2, Netware, Windows, Windows NT, Windows2000, Windows 2000 Server, and Windows XP.  ComeAgain is scheduling and management software for salons and day spas while Timegateis a scheduling and management software product for the medical field and other enterprises.  Through the years, ComeAgain® and Timegate® have led the industry in innovations including the scheduler itself and the eScheduling™ for on-line scheduling.  Consulting Group will continue the future enhancements to these products, including its next release for the new Microsoft operating system, Windows Vista, which Consulting Group expects to be ready the second quarter of 2007. 

Consulting Group, who has been the support partner and US distributor of the IES products for over 18 months, will now assume full control of the products.  In addition to the code, and proprietary designs, Consulting Group has assumed all customer relationships for users of ComeAgain and Timegate.  He will market the programs as well as provide all future development of the products, including its porting to the new Windows operating system. 

"This is an important development for those already using ComeAgain and Timegate," says Wiley.  "Because Palmer can provide continued support and enhancements as well as new innovation, these products will continue to provide the best opportunity for business requiring scheduling and fast, efficient point of sale."