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Consulting Group offers a variety of management and appointment scheduling software solutions as well as training and support for our customers.

A live demo of the management and scheduling software as well as TimegateŽ Services is available. Please contact the CG Software, Inc. (713)878-1879 to schedule your demo.







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ComeAgainRSVP software

Spa Software and Salon Software for Management and Scheduling

ComeAgainRSVP is a complete management system offering either salon software or spa software. Use this salon software to schedule appointments, run point-of-sale, keep track of commissions, inventory or to better market your business. The appointment scheduler will keep your business running smoothly.

ComeAgainRSVP is the only ODBC, 32-bit, n-tier spa software or salon software suite available today. Utilizing the standard Microsoft data base, MSDE or SQL Server, with ties to Crystal Reports and ODBC legacy systems, the design and flexibility of ComeAgainRSVP is what sets it apart from its competitors. This salon software and the spa software come with a variety of modules designed manage your spa or salon easily.

ComeAgainRSVP Spa Software and ComeAgainRSVP Salon Software runs on Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT, Windows 2000 Professional, or Windows XP workstations in a stand alone environment, or with Terminal Server.  In a network, you can use Windows NT Server or Windows 2000 Server to manage your network.

Data input is by touch screen, mouse, keyboard or any combination of those in the scheduling software and by touch screen, mouse, keyboard, menus, scanners or any combination of those in the point of sale module.

ComeAgainRSVP incorporates the features found in its predecessor product, ComeAgain (1984 - 1998 DOS product from IES); but while the competitors just copied the features of ComeAgain into a standard Windows program, IES developed a totally new product using all the latest technology and wizardry of the industry.  The n-tier design of ComeAgainRSVP sets a new standard for customer satisfaction and sets the new standard for the next generation of products.  ComeAgainRSVP continues to be upgraded with new features and technological advancements.

ComeAgainRSVP modules and details

Scheduling module:
View Sample Scheduler Screens

The Scheduler is designed for easy use with touch screens if you like.  The design is easy to use, flexible and very stable.  You never lose an appointment.  The features in the RSVP Scheduler include:

  • Standing Appointments
  • Automated Waiting Lists
  • Next Available Time
  • Alternate Employee Find
  • Unlimited Views and Views+
  • Pager Module
  • AutoID Module
  • and more

Point of Sale:
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IES invented point of sale for the salon and spa industry.  Use the keyboard, a mouse, a touch screen bar codes or any combination to make your customer's check-out experience a delight.  Our exclusive, copyrighted client ticket - the Traveler™ will make your cash drawer balance while adding un-paralleled marketing features to your very professional spa or salon.  Some of our point of sale features include:

  • Multiple commissioned employees on each ticket
  • Licensed use of IES's copyrighted Traveler™
  • Combine multiple tickets for parties or families
  • Optional tip tracking
  • Full tax accounting
  • Use keyboard, mouse, touch screen or any combination
  • Use multiple drawers
  • Optionally tie to POSLink™ and UniPay for credit and debit cards
  • Optionally tie to in-house property management systems for Hotels and destination spas.

Gift Certificates and Series:
View Gift Cards and Gift Certificate

No need to use third party gift certificate software with ComeAgainRSVP.  Built-in gift certificate tracking coupled with series and prepaid tracking will help you build business (and cash flow).  Gift certificate buyers and owners are tracked separately so you can reach out to the gift givers during special seasons and help them make that special choice of your gift certificate.

IES also produces and sells customized, pre-printed gift certificates in your own size color and layout with a punch-out credit card sized gift card for the convenience of your customer.  These gift cards are pre-numbered and bar-coded so they are easy to use and integrate into both ComeAgainRSVP and your existing gift certificate and series programs.

View Sample Employee Screens

ComeAgainRSVP lets you commission your staff in with the most flexible commissioning (and pricing) system on the market.  You can set shop charges for the entire spa or salon and then set exceptions for members of the staff that need a different compensation plan.  Use the multi-level commissions for each staff member if you choose setting either zero-based or progressive commissioning for both retail and service commissions.

You can set individual prices for services for each employee and adjust individual shop charges per-employee if you wish.  You can set up override schedule patters for each employee for each service giving you the most flexible software available today.


The Marketing module includes a complete spa and salon marketing system, already in-place and functioning when you install ComeAgainRSVP.  Just check out your customers using Travelers or manually and the marketing works automatically from there.

You get a variety of letters (designed by a major, National PR firm) , labels and lists that are user-editable specifically focused for your spa or salon business.  For example:

  • The automated recall features (a ComeAgainRSVP exclusive invention) will tell your customers when it's time to come back for a renewable service like a color, facial or cut.
  • The automated new customer letters will keep you in touch with those new customers you have and impress them that you care.
  • The automated birthday letters and lists will let you customers know that you are thinking of them.
  • The referral thank you feature lets you send letters, or call or send a post card thanking customers that refer new business to you
  • The "replacement series" marketing system lets you target customers of departing employees so you can get them back with a series of marketing letters. (ComeAgainRSVP users have reported a better than 90% retention from the use of this program).
  • ComeAgainRSVP uses open data-base design of either Microsoft Access or Microsoft SQL Server to allow you to customize you marketing with the use of Microsoft Access, SQL language, Visual Basic, Crystal Reports or other third party software to create you own marketing programs.

Customer Tracking:

Customer Tracking for you spa or salon is included with the Scheduler module.  The size of the customer database is unlimited.  In addition to standard demographic information such as name, address, phone, gender, age and email, you will know about each visit to your business, who was seen, what services were done, which products were purchased, what special service information was recorded by your salon and spa professional, how much was spent, how many times the customer has come in, who their favorite employees are, and more.

And with the use of IES's exclusive Traveler, your information gets to the staff when needed, marketing is improved and data-entry of all this information is virtually automatic.


Know what you sold, who sold it, whom it was sold to and when to buy more with both your retail and professional inventory with ComeAgainRSVP Inventory tracking module.  Use the bar code labels that can be printed by ComeAgainRSVP or use the bar codes on the manufacturer's product with equal ease.

You will get better control of your inventory and cash , curtail "shrinkage" and sell more with The ComeAgainRSVP inventory software.