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eScheduling by ComeAgainRSVP is the easy way for your salon customers to book their own appointments using the Internet.

To make an appointment, your customer will do the following:

  • Go to your web site
  • Select "Make an Appointment" from your web site menu
  • Log on using their e-mail address
  • Select one or more services, and service providers from the lists  (your customer does not see your Scheduler)
  • Select a date or "first available"
  • Pick one of the times offered
  • Confirm with a credit card number

Online Demo

Run the eScheduling Demo now.

Use the login name: Email Address you would like to receive Confirmation

Use the credit card number 11111

Your customer immediately receives an e-mail, sent automatically by ComeAgainRSVP, confirming the date, time, services and service provider(s) for the appointment.  At the salon or spa, you immediately receive an e-mail, for your files,  with the customer's credit card number and the other details about the appointment.

Make no mistakes...this is a live scheduling system tied to your in-house ComeAgainRSVP scheduler.  The appointment immediately shows up on your in-house ComeAgainRSVP system, clearly marked as having been "eScheduled" over the Internet.  If the customer does not cancel (by phone) or fails to show up for the appointment, you charge the credit card number (noted in the e-mail that you received from ComeAgainRSVP when the appointment was made).

eScheduling provides the ultimate in customer convenience.  Now your customers can make an appointment even when you are too busy to answer the phone.  Or they can make an appointment when you are closed.  Many of your salon customers prefer eScheduling by ComeAgainRSVP since they can quickly book their time to come in without even having to call.

Your customers can choose the service providers and services from a list that you compile for your salon. Initially, you may want to include limited services such as hair cuts, manicures, pedicures, and facials as well as specific service providers for eScheduling. At a later date, you can option to add or remove services and providers. This flexibility provides you with a software program that is fully customizable to suit the needs of your salon.

eScheduling by ComeAgainRSVP requires an in-house web server running Microsoft's IIS and a DSL, cable or T1 connection. 

To order the eScheduling module, or for more information:

call Consulting Group (866)417-9719

or send e-mail to:

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