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Gift Certificate Teslin Carrier with Punch Out Gift Card

Available now from IES for use with the Prepaid/Gift Certificate Tracking Module

This replaces your printed paper Gift Certificate with an easy to use, attractive, and convenient Carrier and punch out Gift Card at an affordable price beginning as low as 60 cents per item.

The new Gift Certificate Carrier is great to display at the Point of Sale for a last minute gift purchase … your Customers will love the new look, and appreciate the convenience of the punch out Gift Cards.

The design of your Gift Certificate is printed on the face of the Carrier in the colors, size and layout you specify. The matte surface of the Carrier allows you to write on the face of the Carrier just like you normally write information on your paper Gift Certificate. The Carrier is the thickness of a standard credit card.

The punch out Gift Card on the Carrier can be any design and size, but generally is the size of a standard credit card. The bar code by which the Gift Certificate is identified in the ComeAgainRSVP/Timegate program is printed on the back of the Gift Card. (Gift Cards in unique sizes and shapes are also available without the Gift Certificate Carrier.)

gift card
gift card
gift card

The recipient of the Gift Certificate punches out the Gift Card and has it easily available for redemption. Customers love the easy access to their valuable gifts for spending convenience.

The new Gift Certificate Carrier with Gift Card is easy to set up and order. Order now and use as an alternative to your existing Gift Certificates, or take this opportunity to give your Gift Certificate a new look and design.

Gift card general specifications
Gift card artwork specifications