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Consulting Group offers a variety of management and appointment scheduling software solutions as well as training and support for our customers.

A live demo of the management and scheduling software as well as TimegateŽ Services is available. Please contact the CG Software, Inc. (713)878-1879 to schedule your demo.







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Timegate services

Scheduling on the Internet

What is Timegate Services?

Timegate Services is the ASP scheduling solution featuring ComeAgainRSVP or Timegate software running on the IES server. You use the software over the Internet through "client" software from IES or through your Internet browser. The scheduler becomes immediately available to you, your staff, your referral sources or even your patients and customers, if you choose. In either case, your schedule book and data are maintained in a secure site on the Internet. And your data is backed up on a second secure site in a different geographical location. The backup is maintained automatically without any intervention on your part. Since your scheduling is hosted on the Internet, it can be made available to anyone, anywhere, under your control.

What are the benefits of using Timegate Services?

A short list of the benefits includes:

  • Your scheduling can be available to any of your staff, referral sources or customers and patients with Internet access (at your option)
  • There are no software or updates to purchase - payment is made monthly
  • You won't have to pay big front-end costs for servers or new workstations
  • You will have smaller staffing and training costs
  • You won't have to pay for maintenance for a server or network
  • Your staff will not have maintenance time spent on server or network issues
  • You get a 100% redundant system for free with no effort on your part
  • You get a top-of-the-line scheduling system for the amount you normally would pay for maintenance alone.

How would a Medical Enterprise or other service business change with
Timegate Services?

Other than the benefits described above, you would have a somewhat different presentation to your "customers". Customers in this case could be your staff, your referral sources (e.g. physicians and their clinics), and your purchasing customers and patients. In addition, most of the headaches and costs related to owning and maintaining in-house computer systems go away.

Imagine this: Within your enterprise, you can put together the schedule for a complex procedure (or group of procedures) without making any phone calls to other physicians or service departments or clinics.

Imagine this: Referring sources like other physicians or service entities can schedule your resources (subject to your control) without a phone call. And they will use your resources more if its easier to schedule.

Imagine this: Patients and customers can make appointments (subject to your control) via an Internet Browser. Your staff and patients or customers can spend less time on the phone. The customers and patients get better matches of their time and requirements as well.

Imagine this: Your computerized scheduler just works, all the time, every time, from any location without maintenance or support costs.

Imagine this: Your physicians, service providers, nurses and technicians can access their schedules for the next hours, weeks or days from any computer or PDA. They can block out personal or vacation time months in advance and integrate their open time with a schedule that is rapidly being filled.

How does Timegate Services work?

Timegate Services have been loaded on an IES Application Service Provider computer. On easy to use screens, you set up your service list, your resources (service providers like technicians, physicians, nurses, equipment and treatment rooms). Then you set up your procedure profiles including time required and block time. With that in place ... you use the scheduler.

What is the cost of Timegate Services?

Timegate Services is priced based on usage. Depending on the number of resources that you schedule, Timegate Services charges you a monthly utility fee or per appointment charge. There is a one-time setup fee to activate your account.

So what's next?

Call Consulting Group at (713)878-1879, we'll show you how to use Timegate Services live on the Internet so you can try the product out for yourself.